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What is a Soundie?

A Unique Experience

Soundies were an American phenomenon ubiquitous through much of the 1940s and what we'd refer to today as a music video. They gave little-known artists at the time, like Martha Davis, Nat King Cole, and others, a platform to get their music out to the masses. We want to take that same concept into an audio format that plays unique and engaging messages to help create brand awareness and promotions for your business.


What's the Benefit

Not only will your customers feel more engaged by hearing a music vibe that is catered to the space they are in but why not take the opportunity to talk about your hottest menu items or play testimonials from some of your most loyal customers in a way that is beneficial and engaging? This develops a sense of trust and transparency with your patrons that will keep them coming back as well as give them something to talk about because no one else is doing anything quite like it.

We make this easy

How does this work?

  1. Create an Account -- We will send you a link to sign up for a Soundtrack account which will activate your licensing and background music tool.

  2. Pairing Locations or Zones -- We come in and help you get the Soundtrack app installed on your device and pair it to your location.

  3. Select or Import Your Music -- After pairing your device you can import your existing playlists and select and create new playlists.

  4. Create Your Schedule -- With your playlists created, you can now set up your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule that fits the vibe of your business during different times of the day.

  5. Setup Your Remote Management -- With the remote dashboard we can add the custom voice messages we've made for you and you can control your playlists from anywhere.

Listen to a sample

Below is an example of a custom voice message we made exclusively for our client, Pop N' Tea Bar. This type of interlude is just the beginning of what we can provide by integrating your own custom "brand voice" into your playlists.

Spotify Playlist

Create your own ‘Spotify’ based radio station or import playlists from Spotify directly. (Also works with Apple music playlists)

Schedule Music

Schedule music throughout a day a week a month or more for a perfect flow that vibes with the flow of your business.

Customized Messaging

Get customized messages added to your playlist each month. You can promote menu items, events or even play customer tesimonials!

Business Licensed

Soundtrack uses licensed music, so you are always in full legal compliance to play music in your business without worry of being fined.

Remote Control

You can control your music from anywhere with the iOS app. Even if you're not presently at your place of business.

Artist Benefit

'Soundtrack' is fair-trade so every artist will get paid when you play their music.

Our Plans

Soundie Essentials

  • Create your own playlists

  • Import Spotify playlists

  • Search for albums and tracks

  • 100% Licensed music

  • 24/7 service & support

  • Location & zone onboarding

$48.50 / month

Soundie Unlimited

  • Everything in Soundie Essentials

  • Customized voice messaging

  • Live testimonial recordings at your business

  • Local radio shoutouts

  • Your very own 24/7 always on live radio station (coming soon)

  • In-person customer support (Arizona only)

$69 / month

Let's Hear From You

Interested and want more info? We'll send you our info packet with more detailed information along with a way for you to schedule an intro call with us. We can't wait to share what we have going on with you!

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